We are proud to announce our partnership with the Shoeing Lab. An international team of farrier's committed to product design and development enhancing the performance of sport horses. Finally, factory nail holes punched with intention promoting proper shoe fit and nailingType your paragraph here.

C-Cross Farrier Services, Inc.

Being a farrier requires a lifetime of learning. There is so much to know about the horse, its disposition, environment, discipline, biomechanics and breed, to name a few. And that's all before we ever pick up its foot.
Farrier competitions raise the standard of quality and are a great way to improve your skill set. We are proud of our team for continuing their education through competition earlier this month at the AFA national convention.

We are so blessed to be a part of some great teams.  As we continue into the show season we would like to encourage our clients to send us pictures of their proud horse show moments so we can share them with others.