Another helpful option for the low foot on a horse with high/low conformation is the step down pad. In this case Jaime Venegas, CJF also chose to use an aluminum shoe with equilibrium mechanics and onion heels. This creates a dynamic wedge effect in soft footing.

This talented jumper sustained a very unusual injury to his distal interphalangeal joint (coffin joint) landing off a fence last summer. He severely injured the cartilage and bruised both his short pastern and coffin bone. This aluminum shoe with a welded in center bar is used to decrease the ground force reaction over the injury.

5 years ago I would have said gluing shoes on was completely unnecessary. We as a team are very blessed to have so many other great farrier's literally throughout the World that open our eyes to the possibilities. Gluing has definitely been a game changer for a number of the horses we attend to.

American Farriers Journal is with Jason.  Foot prep is critical for successfully glueing on shoes. Jason Critton and his C-Cross Farriers team are applying Polyflex Horseshoes to a horse that had chronic abscesses. Since applying the shoes, the problem has abated. Watch for an article on our day with Critton’s team in an upcoming issue of American Farriers Journal. 

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